Shrimp fritters

Shrimp fritters are a must-try when visiting Cádiz. This traditional dish has become a gastronomic symbol of the city and a delight that pleases everyone who tries it.

With very simple ingredients, we achieve great results. In cooking, as in many other areas, the key often lies in well-executed simplicity.

Typical food of Cádiz

Cádiz is known for its culinary tradition, and these "tortillitas" are one of the most emblematic dishes. These small and crispy pancakes are the result of a combination of fresh shrimp, flour, onion, parsley, and salt, deep-fried in hot oil until perfectly cooked.

You´ll see esta receta to do it at home.

This traditional dish from Cádiz can be enjoyed in various parts of Andalusia, but its Gaditanian origin makes it extra special to try them in our city.

At Bar El Merodio, you can taste this and many other typical dishes of Gaditanian cuisine. Here is our menu for you to explore and discover the flavors of Cádiz. Menu if you want to visit us.

Shrimp fritters history

The history of "tortillitas de camarones" dates back centuries, when the fishermen of Cádiz found a clever way to make use of the small shrimp that remained in their nets after fishing. Instead of wasting them, they decided to mix them with basic pantry ingredients and fry them in plenty of hot oil.

Thus, this iconic dish was born, gradually engraving itself in the collective imagination of Cádiz and becoming part of a set of dishes that originated out of necessity. Today, these dishes, such as "tortillitas de camarones," along with potato stews with meat, fried bread, and "poleá" (a traditional porridge), are considered culinary delicacies.