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We want you to get to know us a little more. This is how it all started:

Bar El Merodio was founded in the 1950s by Victoriano Luguera under the name "La Adela".

After Victoriano Luguera's passing, his widow transferred the bar to José Sierra, who managed it until the mid-80s.

It was then that José Loaiza, uncle of the current owners, took over the business and managed it until 2006.

From that year until 2020, his brother Ángel Loaiza took the reins with one of our current managers, Gema Aragón, by his side.

Since February 2020, brothers David and Gema Aragón, along with their partner Carlos Medina, took the lead with a firm intention to renovate the business while preserving the values that have always characterized it.

Currently, Bar El Merodio offers fresh products acquired from proveedores locales seeking to provide the highest quality while respecting the tradition of the business.

All of this in a renovated atmosphere, with a recent refurbishment of the premises, a carta featuring traditional and high-quality dishes, and a privileged location on Libertad Street next to the Plaza de Abastos, one of the most vibrant dining areas in Cádiz.

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Article dedicated to us by Diario de Cádiz for the reopening of the business in 2020

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choco a la plancha de bar el merodio

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Review by tapas expert Manuel Ruiz Torres about the establishment in general, and specifically about our grilled cuttlefish, for the Cosas de Comé portal

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