Fresh fish from Cádiz. Market Square

There is a place where tradition, flavor, and freshness come together: the Plaza de Abastos. This local market is renowned for its variety of fresh fish in Cádiz.

Adjacent to this Plaza de Abastos is our home, Bar El Merodio, where we serve the products acquired daily from this emblematic market. We only select pieces that meet our quality standards. If they don't, we prefer to remove that product from the menu for the day to ensure that when you visit us, you always have the best on your table.

"Pescaíto frito" in Cádiz

To ensure that our fried fish is at its best, we rely on daily supplies of high-quality fresh seafood obtained from the Plaza de Abastos in Cádiz, located next to our establishment. This guarantees the freshness and flavor of our fried fish.

Well-executed simplicity is our greatest value, as we prepare traditional dishes with quality ingredients.

Local product

We take pride in offering local products and serving them tender, crispy, and full of flavor, while also supporting the economy of Cádiz by sourcing our products from local suppliers. Plaza de Abastos of Cádiz

At Bar El Merodio, we invite you to discover why Cádiz is famous for its seafood. Pay us a visit, and we will serve you the authentic Taste of Cádiz.

If you want to learn more about typical products from Cádiz, we encourage you to visit the blog section of our website at caballa caletera and tortillitas de camaronesBoth dishes are served at El Merodio, prepared with care and the highest possible quality. As mentioned earlier, we only work with the best local suppliers.